Rock City Photos

Rock City Gardens is a unique blend of weird rock formations, amazing panoramic vistas, and bizarre fairy-tale displays. Sitting high atop Lookout Mountain, it's easily accessible from Chattanooga. You'll find a variety of other attractions on Lookout Mountain as well, including Point Park, the Battles for Chattanooga Electric Map and Museum, Ruby Falls, and Incline Railway. 

Saying hello to Humpty Dumpty at the entrance to Rock City Gardens. Fairy tale characters really have nothing to do with rock formations, gardens and breathtaking views, but they were a passion for founder Frieda Carter, so you'll find them at various sites along the way. 

Big Rock Grill near the entrance offers burgers and sandwiches. There are several places in the Rock City Gardens that provide drinks and snacks, but on a warm day, you'll want to carry your own water. 

Stairs heading down Fat Man's Squeeze. It's not quite as narrow as it looks. 

For the adventurous, there's the Swing-Along Bridge, which crosses a rather large chasm. This view makes it quite clear why not everyone wants to take this route. 

Intrepid explorer crossing the Swing-Along Bridge. 

For the less adventurous, here's a nice solid Stone Bridge, which gets you to the same place. You'll still need to keep a firm grip on your little kids, since the wall is low. 

Photographers pause on the Stone Bridge to get a good shot. 

The See Seven States Flag Court offers panoramic views from atop the cliff. 

The Observation Point and Rainbow Hall are located lower down the mountain from the Flag Court. 

See Seven States from the Flag Court! 

For a closer view, you can use the binoculars and telescopes located at the Seven States Flag Court. 

These flowers were blooming in August, but spring is prime time to see the Rock City Gardens in bloom. 

Heading down Fat Man's Squeeze. It's not really that big a squeeze; the rather rotund fellow ahead of me had no trouble getting through... and neither did I! 

The entry to Fairyland Caverns, where you'll find displays of gnomes and fairy tales lit with black light. 

Gawking in disbelief at a display of musical gnome. 

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater in all his glowing, garish glory.