Look Rock

Enjoy Panoramic Views of the Smoky Mountains
and the Tennessee Valley

The view from Look Rock observation tower is outstanding, if the breeze doesn't blow you away. The tower stands atop Chilhowee Mountain off the Foothills Parkway (West). The view is panoramic, almost a 360 degree vista.

To the west lies the Tennessee Valley, with Maryville to the northwest. The eastern side reveals theGreat Smoky Mountains National Park, with views of Gregory Bald, Thunderhead, and Clingmans Dome in the distance. And right down the center, you'll see the Foothills Parkway continuing down the ridge of Chilhowee Mountain.

I didn't much care for the low wall around the tower's deck. I overheard a young man wondering how many people had fallen off. I'd been wondering the same thing, since the wall is only about 3 or 4 feet high. With that strong breeze blowing, I made sure to brace myself against the wall or a post while I took my photos. And I'm still here to tell the tale.

Look Rock is located on the Foothills Parkway about 10 miles from the turnoff on U.S. Highway 321, near Walland, Tennessee. You'll find a parking area featuring a very nice overlook with views of the Smoky Mountains. The overlook is another great spot for taking photos, or just enjoying the moment.

To get to the observation tower, follow the signs to the trail head on the west side of the Parkway. Take the trail up to the service road, and turn left on the road to reach the tower. The trail is an easy half mile hike, with asphalt paving most of the way.

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