Knoxville Zoo Photos

The Knoxville Zoo is the best place to go for family fun in the Knoxville area. Besides all the great animal exhibits, there's Kid's Cove, the Bird Shows and Camel Rides.

The photos on this page will give you a little taste of what to expect. They were taken in early spring, before things really get hopping at the zoo. So they don't do the place justice.

As you enter the zoo, the first thing you'll see is Black Bear Falls. If you're lucky, you'll get a close up view of these Smoky Mountain natives. I'd much rather encounter them here than in the wild! 

The Wild & Whimsical Carousel in Kid's Cove was custom made for the Knoxville Zoo. 

This view of Kid's Cove shows the playground, songbird aviary and General Store. The beaver pond is just in front of the aviary. 

A beaver enjoys his pond in Kid's Cove. 

A young camel enjoys a chat with a visitor at the camel ride area.

The playful river otters won't hold still long enough for a photo, but we did our best. These East Tennessee natives are always favorites at the zoo. No one has more fun than these guys! 

This fine fellow took one look at my camera and struck this pose. It's true! He actually moved into position and tried to look like a noble beast. 

The zoo will delight gardeners and horticulturists too. These daffodils are among the many bulbs and flowering trees that bloom in early spring.

A chimp enjoys his naturalized habitat at the zoo's Chimp Ridge, which features rocks, grassland and a dramatic waterfall.

You can see the elephants at the zoo's Stokely African Elephant Preserve from outside or from the indoor viewing area.