Knoxville Weather

Knoxville weather is generally mild, with four temperate seasons. Spring and Fall are the best seasons, with many warm and gloriously sunny days. Spring puts on quite a show, with the Dogwood Trails blooming, and Fall competes for attention with displays of brilliant scarlet and orange leaves.

In Spring, daytime temperatures average 61 to 77 degrees (Fahrenheit), while nighttime temperatures average 36 to 44 degrees.

In Fall, daytime temperatures average 58 to 81 degrees, with nighttime temperatures falling to 37 to 58 degrees.

Summers tend to be a bit hot and humid. Average highs range from 84 to 87 degrees, with average lows going from 61 to 65 degrees. Brief afternoon thunderstorms are quite common, and bring welcome cooling relief.

Winters are mild, with only occasional snowfall. The snow doesn’t usually stick around for long, much to the distress of the local kids. Temperatures sometimes drop below freezing, but they tend not to stay there for very long. Highs average 45 to 61 degrees, with lows of 26 to 36 degrees.

Rainfall in Knoxville averages 47 inches a year, with rainfall pretty much evenly distributed throughout the year. The driest months are August, September and October.

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